This site is the culmination of over 20 years of research and experience from being in the fitness industry. Nowadays many people are ditching the Western Medical approach to health and wellness in favor of a more client centered practice. Whether you are overweight, metabolically ill, in serious pain, or just in need of a little self improvement, rest assured your voice will be heard, and your body will be cared for.

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The Science

Did you know your digestive system sends 10 times more information to your brain, than your brain sends to your digestive system. This literally translates into, ``What you eat affects how you think.``

Our Trident Approach

With the Rewind Diet System we take a three pronged approach to helping you lose weight, reverse disease, and increase your mood and energy to when you were young again!

First, you start off with our state of the art Metabolic Typing Program, which translates into a diet recommended by your own DNA. You are given a sheet that tells you what foods your body uses for energy, and what foods your body considers kryptonite. With the guess work taken out of, ``What should I eat?`` this diet couldn't be any easier.

Next, we wage an all out war on the bad gut bacteria that are sending you sugar cravings at 11pm on a Sunday night. We use real food, and a combination of probiotics, and prebiotics. When your good gut bacteria start to grow and take control, your cravings disappear, along with the mental fog you used to be living in.

When you are feeling more like yourself, you will then go through two different types of cleanses. These cleanses will destroy any overgrown yeast and bacteria that have been hanging around like unwanted house guests, as well as detoxify and reset every one of your major organs like the liver, gall bladder, kidney's, and colon. With this final stage complete, you are now a brand new YOU!

Next Steps

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I fully contend that this is the easiest and by far the most permanent diet I have ever been on. After 3 months I was down 55lbs., have way more energy, and much more focus. Chris’ plan not only cleans up your body, it cleans up your life as well. ~Josh G.

The rewind diet system not only supported my weight loss but transformed my life. I began the rewind diet system over 3 years ago with the intention of losing the unwanted 20 lbs I had gained over my early twenties.

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