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There’s no doubting the effectiveness of eating the way our early ancestors did on our health especially in today’s world where food has become an invention, and the primary source of it is coming from factories, not farms.
In this book best selling Author Christopher J. Kidawski helps us get back to our roots by using only the most pure and natural ingredients, as well as eliminating most plant based foods that contain lectins. In the same respect, some recipes are more liberal utilizing grass-fed ghee, and there may even be a recipe or two containing sugar or cheese (Oh My!) Life is meant to be lived and this cookbook will definitely bring you back to life!

In this book you will learn:

• What is the best source for your meats, and how to catch when companies are trying to trick you into buying lesser quality meats.

• Which foods contain lectins, what they do to your body, and how to avoid them.
• When most of the basic fruits are in season and when it is safe to eat them.

This book will also help you create recipes such as:

• Mint Chutney Egg wraps
• Chipped Beef On Mushrooms
• The Deconstructed Burger
• Creamy Pork and Faux Beans
• Coconut Apricot Soup
• Goat Cheese Chicken Wings
• Pancetta Maple Chips

And much more!

If you’re looking to eat clean like our ancestors this book spells everything out for you in the easiest manner possible. Quit the guess work, save time and money by clicking buy now in the upper right hand corner to own your copy today!

Buy Now on Amazon