This site is the culmination of over 20 years of research and experience from being in the fitness industry. Nowadays many people are ditching the Western Medical approach to health and wellness in favor of a more client centered practice. Whether you are overweight, metabolically ill, in serious pain, or just in need of a little self improvement, rest assured your voice will be heard, and your body will be cared for.

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Mobility Tools

Here are all of my favorite mobility tools.

Triggerpoint Grid Roller – An indestructible roller, if you buy cheap, you will keep buying.  This one is as tough as they come!

Mobility Balls – For the low back, IT bands, and hamstrings, and a few other uses as well!

3 Pack of lacrosse balls – Why three?  We tape two together to make a peanut, and keep a single for highly targeted work!

Theracane & Back Buddy – Used for tough to get triggers in the neck and shoulders.

Bands For Monster Walks Referenced In The Back Pain Bible

Voodoo Bands For Flossing Your Muscles & Joints

Pso Rite – Get the most amazing mobility tool on the planet!


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One year ago I had a very a painful and messed up hamstring, pain in my hip, and painful knees and thighs. I purchased The Ultimate Guide To Joint Pain and a year later I am pain-free! The exercises are challenging but the reward is worth it!

Teresa M.

One year ago, I was 20 lbs. heavier, I could not stand up straight, I had lived with chronic lower back pain for 20 years, I had pain when I tried to lift my left arm over my head, my knees hurt when I bent them, and I could not run without straining my hamstrings. Through his patient coaching, nutritional education, and individualized mobility training sessions, all of that has been eliminated! God bless you,

Steve M.

I was having a lot of pain in my right shoulder and I was told to go see Chris. After one session with him I was able to compete in my team CrossFit competition with no pain at all. I was amazed!

Eric A.

I cannot even explain how grateful I am for what Chris has done, he is a true miracle worker! I need to lift heavy weights, and for past few years I could feel something was wrong with my body, yet nobody could help me. After the first session with Chris he immediately found the problem. Since utilizing his mobility sessions I have drastically reduced pain in my back and I finally feel like I'm on the right path!

Malin S.

Chris eliminated the knee pain I've had for the past ten years in record time. His incorporation of soft tissue release, biomechanics, and strength exercises has yielded overwhelmingly positive results where physical therapy, massage, injections and orthopedic surgeons have repeatedly (and disappointingly) failed. You are definitely in good hands!

Chad B.

Chris’ methods have been a blessing and have fixed my back in record time. He has also inspired me to take a more active and responsible approach to my wellness. Thank you Coach CK. Bless.

Mario D.

Over the past 6 years I have had chronic neck and shoulder pain. I have had many nights where I lay awake in which most of these nights end with me sleeping on the living room floor. After utilizing the exercises in The Head, Neck & Shoulder Pain Bible in just two days I slept through the night for the first time in two months. After 5 days I was able to be pain free. Chris left me with an abundance of information on how I can maintain my new muscular positions with mobilization techniques.

Tony W.

I suffered pain in my arm so severe it often woke me at night. I turned to Chris, who quickly found the source of the pain, eliminated it within 3 sessions, and taught me all I needed to do to avoid its recurrence. Chris is a genius at finding the source of any stubborn injury or pain, and I am grateful for the valuable lessons he teaches me so that I can understand myself and my body better, and damage myself less! 

Tea S.

Chris seems to solve the impossible. He will wholeheartedly give you the tools and instructions to construct your own fate. In just a few mobility sessions later, I’ve gotten rid of the pain, and am now reminded to be conscious of my body's movements, pains, and messages!

Mayan S.

I fully contend that this is the easiest and by far the most permanent diet I have ever been on. After 3 months I was down 55lbs., have way more energy, and much more focus. Chris' plan not only cleans up your body, it cleans up your life as well.

Josh G